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Are You Prepared for the 2022 Customs Changes?

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From 1st January 2022, additional customs clearance rules will be introduced. These changes will impact businesses that move goods between the EU and GB – with full customs controls reports being required for goods that are exported or imported from the EU to Great Britain.

To ensure that they are equipped for the impending changes and reduce the impact on their business, businesses need to start preparing for the changes now.

What are the customs changes to imports/exports?

After 1st January, freight can no longer have access to ports without their customs declaration in place before arrival. Therefore, you need to have all customs formalities completed, as well as all customs debt settled, before transport arrives at the ports for departure to GB or EU.

All paperwork must be prepared and available to the transport company before delivery or collection. As the Importer of Record, that makes you responsible for ensuring that all information is available to the Import Broker in advance.

Remember: Demurrage charges can apply if vehicles are held at ports whilst awaiting import clearance.

Preparing customs paperwork from 1st January 2022:

From the beginning of 2022, new and additional requirements for paperwork will include:

  • Full customs declarations and controls in advance

The importer needs to provide paperwork before shipping goods. If the paperwork is completed, along with commercial paperwork and shipping documents, your goods can be cleared without delay, providing that duties and taxes have been paid.

  • Shipping goods with a CITIES and POAO permit

Check if your import needs one of these permits – and if you are shipping goods under one of these procedures, you will need to provide even more notification, including the relevant certification and documentation.

  • Pre-notification of Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) goods

The requirement for pre-notification of SPS goods, which was due to be introduced on 1st October 2021, will now be introduced on 1st January 2022.

Additional changes from 1st July 2022:

  • Pre-notification of Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) goods

Further changes will come later in 2022, with Phytosanitary Certificates and physical checks on SPS goods at Border Control Posts on 1st July 2022, originally due to be introduced on 1st January 2022.

  • Export Health Certifications (EHC)

The new requirements were also due to be introduced in October 2021, alongside the pre-notification of SPS goods. They will now be introduced on 1st July 2022.

  • Safety and Security declarations

These declarations on imports will be required from 1st July 2022, instead of 1st January 2022 as first planned.

How can Cargo Express help?

At Cargo Express, we are experts in ensuring the seamless import and export of our client’s goods to and from Great Britain, and beyond. We understand the customs process, as well as the further changes following Brexit, and can support with paperwork changes and ensure your business is prepared.

We strive to reduce stress surrounding the changes to customs declaration and can even take care of your whole logistics operation. We can support with ensuring you have the necessary paperwork for your goods, completing all paperwork on your behalf, including additional permits for each movement of freight.

Want to know more about how we can support your business with these impending customs changes? Get in touch with our specialist customs team by phone on 0121 384 1323 or email!