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From 30th September 2022, HMRC are making changes to the customs procedure. The current CHIEF system will no longer be used, and the new Customs Declarations Service (CDS) will be the only method for handling your clearances on import and export declarations.

As your customs clearance agents, we can support with logistics and supply chain management, and be responsive to any industry changes, including the preparation for CDS so operations continue to run smoothly throughout this process. We can also ensure our clients’ always have the correct documentation submitted for customs clearance, and the correct payment of duties and VAT are met.


To enable migration to the new system, our clients’ will need to provide additional information to meet HMRC’s new requirements for goods to clear customs.

Moving from CHIEF to the new CDS will happen in two stages:

  • Imports on the 30th September 2022

From this date, all imports will need to be completed in line with the new customs declarations service.

  • Exports on the 1st December 2023

From this date, all exports will need to be completed in line with the new customs declarations service.

Our clients’ will be required to prepare the following:

  1. Open a CDS account online
  2. Open a CDS deferment account with a new guarantee (if required)

A different electronic pathway is used when making CDS payments to HMRC, so set up of a new duty deferment account is required, as well as a new direct debit and bank guarantee.

We will be requiring a different set of data when processing your customs declarations in comparison to when using CHIEF.

  1. Open a CDS cash account (if required)

A CDS cash account offers an alternative to using a deferment account and will replace the Flexible Accounting System.

Before using a new cash account for CDS declarations you will need an EORI number, and once registered, you’ll automatically get a cash account.

  1. New CPCs & APCs

CPCs (Customs Procedure Codes) are changing from a 7-digit code for each item to a 4-digit that will be combined with up to 99 3-digit Additional Procedure Codes (APCs) for single goods items.

  1. Valid EORI registration
  2. Customs Comprehensive Guarantee (CCG) number
  3. Authorise us to use your deferment account on declarations

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