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HMRC are making changes to the customs procedure, which involves transferring from the current Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) system to the new Customs Declarations Service (CDS).

Taking a phased approach beginning on 30th September, CDS will become the only method for handling your customs clearances on both imports and exports to and from the UK – that’s why we have taken extra steps to ensure that we are CDS ready!

What does the change from CHIEF to CDS involve?

We will be moving from the current system to the new CDS in two stages:

  • From 30th September 2022, all imports will need to be completed in line with CDS
  • From 31st March 2023, all exports will need to be completed in line with CDS

Discover the steps you need to take to ensure your business is prepared for the change to CDS.

How have we prepared for the change to CDS?


Training our team for the change to CDS has been a crucial aspect in ensuring that we are CDS ready for our clients, which has included our team attending multiple ongoing courses and building up their business development in preparation for the change.

Our additional training includes our Customs & Operations Manager Mark Shand and Customs & Forwarding Manager Sarah Field recently attending the Institute of Export and International Trade course titled “Using the CDS (Customs Declarations Service)”, as well as CDS E-Learning with the British International Freight Association.

Attending these courses has helped expand their knowledge of the new system and helped us be prepared to support our clients when the CDS system replaces the UK government’s current CHIEF system from 30th September 2022.


We have also been growing the team in preparation for the customs system change to ensure we have the right number of qualified people within the team, with the required skills to make this transition seamless for our customers and our business.

We are pleased to welcome our new, specialist International Head of Customs Operations Djamel Eddine Guenifi.

Djamel attending the Institute of Export & International Trade Members Conference 2022

He has undertaken a Level 5 Diploma in World Customs Compliance & Regulations, the Institute of Export and International Trade. This qualification from the Institute of Export & International Trade covers a comprehensive and in-depth range of topics in customs and trade compliance and regulation.

changing to the new system in advance

Finally, we are already using CDS when required for imports. Doing so has helped us further prepare for the change from CHIEF, as well as enabling us to understand the new system and its requirements in advance.

Overall, being prepared in this way has helped us get used to the new system, ensure we have taken all necessary steps for our customers, and better support our customers following the complete transition.

Cargo Express

We are transport, warehousing, international supply chain and logistics experts, who are ready for the change to the way customs declarations are going to be handled.

As customs experts, we can act as your customs clearance agents throughout this transition, as well as support businesses with their logistics and supply chain management and remain responsive to any industry changes – providing our customers with peace of mind!

Want to learn more about the changes to customs and how they will impact your logistics operation? Give us a call on 0121 384 1323, and we can help your business be ready for the changes starting on 30th September!