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Case Study: Air Cargo Import from Shanghai, China

Cargo Express

Our client, based in Immingham, uses our sea freight courier service to import goods from Shanghai, China to Doncaster in the UK.

However, prolonged Covid restrictions in Shanghai have caused a build-up of freight at the ports, which has made it difficult for our client to import their goods within the required timeframe.

Our client, therefore, required a more suitable temporary solution until lockdown restrictions were lifted in China and they could resume their usual routine of a consolidated ocean freight service to the UK.

What issues did our client face?

Lengthy Covid restrictions were imposed in Shanghai earlier this year, following the Omicron variant initiating the worst outbreak of the virus in China since 2020. As a result, sea freight companies were experiencing severe delays at the ports, affecting the import of our clients’ goods.

With waiting times growing, it was causing a shortage of raw materials for the manufacture of our client’s base product. On top of this, no one could predict when the restrictions would be lifted, so our client needed a quick shipping solution to ensure they could continue producing their most crucial product.

How did we support our client?

Since our recent expansion into sea and air freight, we have worked closely with both air freight companies and sea freight companies. This has allowed us to easily organise a temporary air freight solution to ensure they had the raw materials their business required for operations to continue as usual.

We contacted our Chinese agent to arrange an air freight import from Shanghai to the north of England – and 5 days later the shipment had been collected, shipped, and delivered to the final importer.

Due to ongoing capacity issues, we also planned varied routes from China, which involved routing via different airports, to ensure that the express nature of our courier services was maintained. By planning alternative routes, we ensured that our client continued to receive the raw materials they needed to continue their production going forward. It also future-proofed imports from this location, as we had routes prepared should shipping from this location continue to be difficult in the future.

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