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How Our Varied Fleet Supports Effective Logistic Transport Services

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We’ve recently welcomed a trio of new vehicles to our growing fleet, including two small curtain siders and a new medium wheel-based van. By expanding our fleet, it helps ensure that the range of vehicles we have available remains diverse and that it can meet a wide range of transport requirements.

A diverse fleet allows for a more bespoke logistics service, enabling a wide variety of client delivery requirements to be met, from differing types of goods and varying quantities to unloading requirements at certain locations.

It also allows for a cost-effective transport operation, allowing us to provide the most efficient vehicle for each movement, as well as avoid any extra costs where the vehicles could be under-utilised or not be suitable.  

What can our fleet do?

When your fleet consists of a wide range of vehicles, from vans and small curtain trucks to double decker and EU mega spec trailers, it helps ensure that your fleet remains diverse.

Most vehicles in our fleet are curtain sided trucks, which allows for greater loading flexibility when moving goods. Not only do curtain siders allow for goods to be quickly accessed or removed from the vehicle, as well as prevent goods from needing to be loaded in a specific order for unloading, but they also allow for easy loading of oddly shaped freight.

Our fleet of smaller delivery vehicles, such as our current vans and small curtain siders, allow us to deliver lighter and small loads of goods for our clients – and after expanding by two curtain siders and a new van, we are even better prepared to support our clients’ small loads.

Smaller vehicles are also great for delivery in all areas, as they have fewer movement restrictions, especially in highly populated towns and cities.

Alternatively, with our large trailers such as our tall trailer, long semi-trailer, double decker trailer and EU mega trailer, we can help deliver large quantities of heavy goods across the UK, Europe and beyond.

Our 18 tonne mounted forklift and truck mounted forklift trailer allow us to deliver to more locations, including those without a forklift truck on site. With a forklift on the truck, this also helps prevent delays at delivery, as we can start unloading your vehicle immediately, rather than waiting for a forklift on site to become available. It also negates the costs of hiring a forklift and driver at each site to unload specific deliveries.

How does diversifying and growing our fleet help us prepare for future challenges?

By increasing our fleet, including both the variety and the number of vehicles we have available, it can help ensure that we can continue to meet our clients’ needs to a high quality.

Over the past few years, the logistics industry in the UK has been heavily hit by the pandemic, Brexit and the fuel and vehicle shortage. Therefore, diversifying and expanding our fleet ensures we are prepared for the unexpected so that we can continue to deliver an excellent service even if our situation changes.

Our Operations Director Joseph O’Reilly has explained:

“Logistics vehicles are becoming increasingly difficult to come by, with a shortage of vehicles caused by reduced production as a result of the microchip shortage. We decided to order our additional vehicles early and in advance to ensure that we always have the variety in our fleet and the appropriate numbers of vehicles to meet every client’s requirement.”

Cargo Express

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