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How Has Cargo Express Changed And Adapted For The Better Following The Coronavirus Pandemic?

Cargo Express

Despite the difficulties faced over the previous two years, we have re-evaluated the business structure to make key changes to the business, to help facilitate our growth, as well as ensure we would continue to improve our service for our customers.

We focused on structuring the business to provide a more streamlined service to our customers, as well as introducing training and upskilling opportunities to help develop our employees’ careers and improve our service.

We have also brought in specialist team members to improve our logistics operations, grow our expertise and expand our offering, as well as to adapt our service to cater to post-Brexit demand.

On top of this, we achieved the DVSA Earned Recognition Accreditation for our excellent compliance record!

Restructuring the business

By restructuring the business, we have improved our internal operations, helping us to provide customers with a seamless service and ensure we meet their requirements.

We have assigned account managers for individual customers, allowing us to focus on their logistics requirements, gain a better understanding of their business and build stronger relationships with our customers.

Training and upskilling our team

To ensure that we are always best equipped to support our customers’ requirements, we have increased the focus on training our team – across both our drivers and Traffic Office team.

We have provided a platform for Shift Manager Callum Whelan to take and complete his International Managers CPC training.

All our drivers that were returning to work after furlough, alongside those currently working, were given an induction and provided up to date on-site training by our Compliance Manager Neil Buckley.

Find out 3 benefits to our induction and driver training programme.

Growing our team to expand our service

With the business structure change, we recruited two new office staff, with Dean Harrison as a Shift Manager and Rueben Meade as a Shift Supervisor.

Our extra team members meant that we were able to offer quicker and simplified logistics solutions to our customers, with time to plan more efficient routes. We also had time to identify routes that our drivers are most comfortable with and which vehicles they would prefer to operate.

Warehouse demand also grew post-covid, with stock levels increasing while customers were still not operating at 100%, and with stock security being held for future projects. We managed this increasing demand by recruiting our Warehouse Manager Sunny Lal, who has helped us build upon a strong structure and support the growth of the warehousing operation.

Adapting our service to post-Brexit demand

We have also seen an increase in European operations, with growing demand for both imports and exports to/from the UK.

With Brexit creating issues and delays for manufacturers and hauliers, we looked to make our own customs declarations. Initially, this was for our current transport operation, but demand grew from customers. We then recruited a dedicated Customs and Forwarding Manager, Mark Shand, to manage international operations.

Gaining our DVSA Earned Recognition Accreditation

Last year, we were also awarded DVSA Earned Recognition for our excellent compliance, which we achieved first time!

To achieve this, we spent time assessing our operation, analysing ways to improve our operation and looking at how we could become a recognised transport and logistics company, on the road and to our customers.

Cargo Express

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