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Why Are Warehousing Solutions an Integral Part of Your Wider Logistics Operation?

Cargo Express

Warehousing solutions are a critical part of your logistics and supply chain management when importing, exporting, or transporting goods across the UK or internationally.

Warehouse space can be used to temporarily store your goods in bulk ready for safe and quick distribution or shipping to other locations, allowing for more time critical transport from dispatch to the final destination, leading to higher customer satisfaction overall.

What are the benefits of good warehouse and storage management?

Greater security

The right warehouse and storage management will provide increased security, as professional warehousing solutions have the correct security solutions, including 24/7 CCTV and being placed on a secure industrial estate.

Improved management of goods

A good warehouse management service will help increase your productivity through an effective warehouse management system (WMS). This will ensure that your goods are tracked effectively, and you know exactly when they have left the warehouse and are out for delivery.

Easy distribution

By utilising a good warehousing solution as part of your logistics operation, your business will be able to meet urgent demand through simplified distribution. Goods will quickly be moved from the warehouse to their next location – especially if the warehouse is placed in a strategic location next to important motorways.

See our 5 strategic tips for choosing the right warehousing solution.

How can this impact your wider logistics operation?

Whether your goods are being transported across the UK or internationally, by road, sea or air, a good warehousing solution can help streamline the process of moving your goods from A to B, and help improve:

As our Warehouse Manager at Cargo Express, Monika Nowarkowska, explains:

“Without an effective warehousing solution in place or one that is slow and doesn’t successfully control the goods entering and leaving the site, you can hugely impact the success of your entire supply chain operation.

“With a good warehouse management solution, including a speedy service and being prepared for easier distribution, it can help improve your wider logistics operation. Your stored goods can be distributed quickly by road, sea or air, and at the time your business or your customer requires, which allows for time critical transport.”

How can Cargo Express help?

At Cargo Express, we are heavy goods transport, logistics and warehousing specialists, that can take care of your entire logistics operation – from transport and warehousing to customs clearance.

Our warehousing solutions are also strategically based in the centre of the UK, with distribution hubs in Birmingham and Telford, with easy access to the M6 and M54, so your goods can be transported quickly across the UK and internationally.

For more information about our available warehousing space, speak to our experts on 0121 384 1323!