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Why is warehouse management important?

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Effective logistics and warehouse management can mean the difference between an efficient and inefficient logistics operation. Not only does it play a strategic role in the supply chain, but it also supports the need to meet the growing demand of the market.

By implementing a Warehouse Management System (WMS), you can easily monitor the movement of goods throughout the warehouse. This will introduce effective tracking systems, as well as helping you to optimise the available space and improving your warehouse facilities management, leading to a more streamlined process.

More streamlined processes can improve workforce productivity, effectiveness and efficiency, reducing the amount of time needed to complete tasks. Not only does effective warehouse management help to encourage a higher economic return, but it also enables warehouses to meet the growing demand of the market, as well as improving the overall customer experience.

Leads to a more streamlined process

A more streamlined process helps reduce the time taken to complete the picking and packing process. This allows managed warehouse services to meet growing consumer and market demands.

Warehouse management involves reconsidering the layout of your space, by analysing your floor plan, to optimise warehouse flow with an efficient use of this space. With strategically placed products, each with a set place, it is easier to locate products – improving labour utilisation and reducing the time spent packing orders.

Warehouse management software (WMS) means more inventory visibility and traceability. By using serial numbers to identify products, it allows for a quick scanning and recording process. This reduces mis-picks and the need for double checking orders, as well as providing accurate, real time inventory levels. With more precise and improved estimates in supply, it can also help avoid backorders.

Helps meet increased demand

With a growing supply and demand culture, warehouse management has never been more important. Warehouses are under increasing pressures from the market to meet high volumes of orders, as well as delivering these at an increased speed, across further distances.

By improving warehouse efficiency, it also helps optimise the speed of the supply chain.

Maximises economic return

By considering the best storage locations for products, materials and equipment, it can not only increase the efficiency of your workers by reducing the time taken to pick goods, but it can also lessen the cost for excessive movement. Also, if item storage and equipment placement are carefully considered, heavier and more popular items can be placed closer to the packaging stations and equipment. Both can help your warehouse lower its operating expenses, therefore maximising return.

Improves customer service

Delivering accurate orders and reducing the time taken to deliver products helps improve the consumer experience, translating to more satisfied customers.

Cargo Express

At Cargo Express, we pride ourselves on our high-quality warehouse management services and supply chain solutions. We understand how effective warehouse management works, and how this can increase the efficiency of your warehouse operations, as well as benefiting the overall supply chain.

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