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What Training Does Cargo Express Offer Their Workforce?

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Developing our workforce and investing in their careers is an important aspect of how we operate at Cargo Express.

By providing our driving, office and warehouse teams with opportunities to upskill, we can ensure they remain stimulated in their roles and gain the most from their careers in logistics. It also allows us to develop a strong and highly skilled workforce, so we can deliver the highest quality service to our clients.

We achieve this by offering a variety of opportunities for growth and development specific to the different roles within our company:

What training do we offer to our drivers?

HGV driving assessments

We are focused on upskilling our drivers and investing in their career development, offering our drivers the opportunity to become either an HGV class 1 or class 2 driver, as well as providing full funding for their assessments.

Although the time to upskill our drivers varies, selected drivers often complete their training within 12 to 18 months of joining our team. However, our driver Luke Holden, who started with us as a van driver, successfully passed his HGV class 2 driving assessment within just 8 months.

Forklift training

As we offer warehousing solutions and deliveries with forklift mounted trucks, providing forklift training and refresher courses to our drivers and warehouse team is essential. This also includes specialised training for our drivers so they can operate our forklift mounted trucks and better cater to the demand of our clients.

Our driver training programme

Last year, we introduced our rigorous and thorough driver training programme, which helps our new and experienced drivers develop their skills and knowledge, as well as helping to improve our transport service with consistent training.

Our ongoing programme allows us to train our new drivers onsite, on how to assess their vehicles to a high quality and standard and are compliant and safe on the road. Each new driver completes an assessment to ensure they understand our policies procedures and receives full training on various ancillary equipment, a practical driving assessment and tests on EU and WTD drivers’ hours and legislation.

All our current drivers also go through training periodically, to help them refine and improve their skill set, such as revisiting vehicle checks and oil consumption analysis and checking they are operating in line with any changing legislation.

We also have visiting drivers, such as the team from Scania, who come into the depot and discuss their driving experiences with our drivers.

What training do we offer to the rest of our workforce?

We have upskilled many of our traffic office team, providing them with the opportunity to constantly improve and refine their skills.

Our Shift Manager, Callum Whelan, is currently completing his International Managers CPC training.

Other team members have also developed their skills throughout the last 6 months, including our Shift Supervisor, Rueben Meade, who completed the Operator License Awareness Training (OLAT). This provided him with the additional knowledge to help us ensure we are always compliant.

Why do we offer our team the opportunity to upskill?

Providing our drivers and logistics team with the opportunity to constantly improve and refine their skills, not only allows them to develop their careers but also allows us to ensure that we are offering the best service to our clients.

We are always looking for new talent. Take a look at our current vacancies.

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