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Case Study: Cross-Trade Air Freight Shipments

Cargo Express

Our client is a market leader within the innovative battery-operated electric vehicle market, and we recently supported them with an air freight movement from Los Angeles to Vienna. 

Over the last couple of years, we have worked with this company as a logistics supplier. During this time, we have offered them services which include warehousing, domestic transport, European Transport, and specialist oversized loads.

However, we will now be supporting them with this initial movement of 18 lithium-ion batteries, alongside three additional air freight movements from California.

What issues did our client face?

Developments in the electric vehicle market have increased in response to net zero targets becoming a high priority across the globe. In response, our client needed to source a lithium-ion battery supplier to support the growing demand for their vehicles.

Many challenges come from delivering such delicate, non-standard goods – and Cargo Express are proud to have a fantastic team that works together to ensure that the high quality achieved by Markilux during their manufacturing process is continued right up to the delivery point for their UK customers.

Their first movement was for 18 lithium-ion batteries, which were 3.07 metres x 1.12 metres x 0.5 metres. Due to the start location, the air freight movement would require multiple legs to get the batteries to Vienna.

Going forward, our client would also need to move more batteries. Therefore, they needed to ensure that their logistics supplier would be able to support these additional movements too if required.

How did we support our client?

We began our communication on behalf of our client back in December 2022. We immediately started making arrangements to move the 18 lithium-ion batteries from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to Vienna International Airport (VIE).

Due to the different time zones, our team were engaged in lots of late-night communications with the agents in the USA, as well as many documentation exchanges and rate negotiations. Our flexibility helped us to ensure the logistics operation was planned as quickly and as effectively as possible for our client.

The movement was finally agreed upon in February 2023. Instantly, we started carrying out the plans to move the 18 lithium-ion batteries, with a total weight of 13.25 tonnes.

On 3rd March 2023, the freight was delivered to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). From there, the batteries were moved on their 1st leg to Luxemburg Airport (LUX).

On 13th March 2023, they arrived in Luxemburg, where they awaited onforwarding to Vienna International Airport (VIE).

The batteries have now arrived in Vienna.

How do we plan to support our client with their additional movements?

Following our recent air freight shipment, we will be providing our transport and logistics solutions to help with an additional three movements from Los Angeles.

These further bookings include transporting another load, containing 12 lithium-ion batteries, which is scheduled to be moved on 23rd March 2023.

We will be moving a further two movements of 15 lithium-ion batteries each. Both are in hand in Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), and we are currently awaiting an updated schedule on these.

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