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3 Key Reasons Why Reliable Same-Day Delivery Is Crucial to Distributors in 2023

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The demand for time-critical transport and logistics solutions is on the rise, and many industries are struggling to keep up with tight shipping deadlines.

Same-day delivery services, like the one we operate at Cargo Express, help ensure your company is always connected and never misses key deadlines. Read on to discover three key reasons why our same-day delivery options are vital for the continued success of your business!

1. Business moves fast, and you need to move with it

In modern business, thanks to the internet and other innovations that promote and provide instantaneous services, everything moves quickly. Sometimes, it moves so quickly that traditional delivery and logistics methods are unable to keep up.

If your business relies on the large-scale shipping and delivery of goods across the UK, utilising same-day delivery services can help improve the service you provide to your customers. This is especially true if you operate in a B2B setting, where a delay in time-sensitive shipping can have huge knock-on effects for a full project and potentially prevent future work.

Not only does reliable shipping help you keep up with demand, but it also helps improve your reputation within your industry and boost business, especially if you operate on a tight timeframe with tough deadlines.

2. Quick delivery services help boost your reputation

Research by Fleet Point revealed that 86% of consumers prefer to wait no more than three days for a delivery, which demonstrates why a fast and reliable service is key for your business in 2023.

If you’re known within your industry for your fast and reliable service, you will garner a positive reputation. This reputation, twinned with positive reviews and testimonials from customers, will help your business flourish.

Although the delivery of a product is often a separate service from the product itself, many customers will include it as part of a review, and it will often be judged alongside the quality of your product. In fact, 85% of consumers say they will not shop with a retailer again if they have a poor delivery experience.

Why not make sure that your deliveries are as fast and reliable as possible? Learn more about time-critical transport!

3. Customer demands will only increase in 2023

Statista estimate that the global same-day delivery market will be worth $12.31 billion by the end of 2023. This is expected to more than double to $26.40 billion by the end of 2027.

This clearly shows that the demand for same-day delivery is growing, and not offering it as an option will be considered a negative in the not-so-distant future. At the start of 2022, Charged Retail reported that more than 56% already believed same-day delivery options were important for business.

With consumers willing to stop shopping with a company because of a bad shipping experience, it’s worth ensuring that you offer the most flexible (and reliable) delivery options you can as soon as possible.

How can Cargo Express help you keep up with demand?

We offer a tailored and bespoke same-day delivery service across the UK. No matter the product you need delivering, we have a full range of transport vehicles available to provide you with the logistical solution you need, whenever you need it. Explore how our varied fleet supports effective transport services.

Plus, all our same-day delivery service vehicles are fitted with internet-based satellite tracking functionality, updated every minute throughout the day and on demand. This gives you complete transparency and peace of mind that your package is on time without the need to contact us directly.

We specialise in the delivery of unique, irregular loads which could otherwise be difficult to ship through a standard logistics company with tight deadlines. Our bespoke offering means that you can have full peace of mind that your packages will be handled with care, secured effectively, and damage-free upon arrival.

We are one of the UK’s largest logistic transport companies, located in Birmingham and Telford for maximum motorway connectivity and access to transport infrastructure.

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