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Case Study: Ocean freight solutions for major airport retailer

Cargo Express

For several years, we have provided our transport services to a major retailer operating airside in many busy international airports, making shipments to Palma de Mallorca, Ibiza, Rome, and more.

Most recently, however, we were responsible for utilising our sea freight services to transport several chilled and fully refrigerated shelving units to two airport locations.

Our logistics experts immediately took to planning out the transport of these units, which were a non-standard size and shape, and ensured the safe and timely delivery of the goods for installation.

What issues did our client face?

Airside shops and retail units are among the busiest in the world, receiving a constant flow of hurried, and sometimes anxious, traffic. That means that any delays in the opening of a store could cost a significant amount of money to the owner.

We needed to get the non-standard refrigeration units to our client in the most efficient and economic way possible, which, due to their size, was through our sea freight channels.

The non-standard shape and weight of the load would have made it both logistically difficult and expensive to ship through air freight methods, but standard shipping containers were the perfect size to load multiple units and were comfortably within weight constraints.

How did we heLP our client?

The client had two different intended destinations for these shelving units. Our task was to provide a short-haul shipping solution to Oslo Gardemoen Airport in Norway, followed by a long-haul trip to Changi Airport in Singapore.

Our logistics team immediately started to work out the fastest shipping routes to both destinations, maintaining clear and constant communication with our client throughout the process.

Refrigeration units ready for transportation

Utilising standard shipping container dimensions to maximum efficiency, we were able to fit all required refrigeration units into a single full container load for each trip. This helped save our client on costs while also utilising the fastest shipping lanes possible and minimising the carbon footprint.

The shipment arrived on time, where it was handed over to the installation team without delay, where they were installed quickly and easily. The store was then able to open without any delay to the staff or customers.

Cargo Express

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