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What Types of Warehouse Storage Management Do You Need?

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A successful warehouse operation requires the correct warehouse and storage management, such as implementing different storage systems to help improve how an organisation manages its stock control.

Making efficient and practical changes to your warehouse, such as optimising and utilising space to the highest capacity, labelling and allocating warehouse areas, and investing in storage equipment can help improve warehousing solutions. Such changes can help increase storage capabilities while streamlining and optimising supply chain efficiency.

Optimising warehouse space

One way to improve your warehouse and storage management is to optimise your warehouse space in line with your goods inventory.

By creating a floorplan of your warehouse, you can ensure that the space is best utilised for storing a variety of different materials, as well as leaving the appropriate space for warehouse workers and warehouse equipment, such as forklifts, to move around them.

Some goods will need floor space and cannot be stacked safely, while others can be put in warehouse racking systems to optimise floor space and warehouse utilisation.

Labelling and efficiently allocating warehouse areas

Setting location names for inventory areas can help with managing your warehouse storage effectively, including allocating inventory areas for goods and materials that arrive at the warehouse.

By utilising warehouse management software, goods can be scanned in and out of the warehouse in real time to provide full stock control, whilst also allowing organisation-wide transparency of stock levels and available warehouse space.

Investing in high quality and practical storage equipment

By purchasing the best storage equipment, you can further optimise your warehouse space to ensure that deliveries can be carried out swiftly.

Heavy load shelving systems are ideal for maximising pallet storage, as well as creating more space so forklifts can easily move around the warehouse and collect pallets for delivery.

You could also invest in mobile pallet storage to improve space efficiency, which is installed on mobile bases to allow for the opening and closing of aisles.

Implementing and utilising a Warehouse Management System

A warehouse management system (WMS) can help to simplify your processes by keeping track, in real time, of all products and warehouse operations, making it easier to manage your inventory and orders.

By improving the storage management, it can help to increase the efficiency of your warehouse, helping your organisation to organise stock control and warehouse space efficiently.

Let an expert do it for you!

Alternatively, outsourcing to a competent and secure logistics and warehousing company will ensure that you have the right warehouse management and storage solution for your business.

As experts in warehousing solutions, we can offer efficient and well-organised storage solutions, alongside an effective warehouse management system. This can help improve the overall efficiency of your operations, as warehousing solutions are an integral part of your wider logistics operation.

We take pride in storing and delivering our clients’ goods with care and precision and have an excellent track record of material handling and security, with CCTV implemented across all our warehouses.

Our logistics teams in Birmingham and Telford have warehouse and distribution hubs established strategically near key transport links in the centre of the UK, including the M6, M5, M42 and M54.

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We are experts in warehouse management, providing high-quality warehouse management services and warehousing solutions to our customers, as well as offering an extensive fleet and excellent customs and declarations service.

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